We power medium and large enterprises with fast, secure, and scalable WordPress solutions.

Did you say WordPress?

The dreaded web framework and its dreaded language PHP [1] behind the scenes.

Yes, almost every Developer Survey points towards the death of WordPress and PHP. But it still powers 40% of the web. Companies like Facebook, Salesforce, Slack, Al Jazeera, New York Post, News Corp Australia, VentureBeat, and others still power their web presence with WordPress.

We live in an age of “cool”! A new JavaScript framework is released almost every day, and its proponents tell us how we must abandon our current tech stack and go with the “new kid on the block”. Despite all of this, WordPress has been resilient and powering many websites on the web. And according to Tiobe Index and PYPL, PHP, the language behind WordPress is still amongst the top ten most used programming languages in the world.

At Non-Fiction Group, we are delivering you an enterprise-grade, scalable, and secure WordPress solution.

We take care of design, development, and WordPress hosting. Backed by industry pioneers in the WordPress ecosystem like WP Engine and Flywheel.

We also deliver a faster WordPress solution which is “decoupled” or a “Headless CMS”. [2]

Why get a WordPress website? And what are the benefits of having a managed WordPress hosting solution

  • WordPress is open source. No vendor lock-ins.
  • Easy to use. Content marketers and publishers’ best friend
  • WordPress powers 40% of the web
  • Used by big companies like Facebook, Salesforce, Slack, New York Post, etc.

  • Best for blogging and publishing content
  • Use it to make any type of website. Build a news site, online store, online education platform, etc.
  • Updated regularly and wide pool of developers
  • Fast websites, managed security, 99.99% uptime

Our Capabilities

Discovery & User Research I Personas, User stories, & User journey maps I Requirements gathering I Information architecture & Site maps I User Flow Design I UX Design I UI Design I Wireframes & Prototypes I Mockups I WordPress web design I Front-End Development I Back-End Engineering I API Development & WordPress API integrations I WordPress Code Reviews & Security Audits I WordPress Speed & Performance engineering I DevOps, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery I Quality Assurance & Testing I Maintenance & Support

Managed WordPress hosting

Do you need Managed WordPress hosting? Choose the best WordPress hosting solution for your business. Improve the performance of your WordPress website, protect your business, and accelerate development, all backed by award-winning, 24/7 support. To view WP Engine hosting solutions, please click here

Other tools powering our WordPress solution


Let's create something great together. Tell us more about your WordPress web design, development, or Managed Hosting needs.

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