With the advent of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others, you might be asking yourself the question. Are websites still relevant today?

Do I need a website? Or I am good to go with only a Facebook page?

You can conduct business by having only a social media presence. However, we recommend having an online presence or digital real estate where you have full control of your customer relationships and engagements (not dictated by what Facebook deems necessary through their news feed or stories that appear on your customer’s timeline).

A website or web application can help you to engage directly with your customers or users. They get to learn more about your products and services, solve their problems with your web application’s offering, and interact with your support team. You can get feedback from your users and craft personalized user experiences and communicate brand messages that resonate with them without the clutter or social media feeds competing for their attention.

Above all else, website visitors can provide you with their contact details. You can process credit card payments securely while you customize their user experiences based on the information they have provided you with and preferences.

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