Reasons why you need fast and unlimited Wi-Fi

Non-Fiction Sky gives you the reasons why you should be on unlimited Wireless Internet, Fibre, or LTE.


Subscribe to online learning platforms like Udemy, edX, Coursera, Codecademy, and others. Even SA universities also offer online courses.


Enjoy streaming high-definition movies, series, soapies, documentaries, TV shows, YouTube videos, Netflix, Showmax, DSTV Now, Viu.


Challenge opponents online through PlayStation Live or Xbox Live, download games from Steam or Origin, and download the latest game titles.


Run your business online, register on the CIPC website, do SARS e-filing, safely transact through internet banking, open an eCommerce store.

Get an Ultra HD Android TV Box.

The Ematic 4K Ultra HD Android TV Box is an ultimate solution for the folks who do not own a Smart TV! As long as your TV has an HDMI cable slot, we got you covered!

An Android TV box can instantly transform your TV into a smart TV and offer many more content options, opening a whole new world of entertainment, allowing you to watch TV shows, download games, and streaming apps on demand.

The Ematic Android TV Box is a Google certified and Netflix approved Android TV box.

Being an official Android TV box, it also supports the Android TV versions of Netflix, Showmax, and DSTV Now ensuring an optimal TV and lean-back experience.

Watch hit shows, classic movies, and viral videos or listen to music from your favourite apps. Rent or buy movies, shows, music and more from a library of thousands of options from Google Play.

Get our Android TV box for only R 1, 599!

Watch Netflix, YouTube, Showmax, DSTV Now!
Listen to Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music.
Play Games online, Surf the Internet, etc.

Enjoy streaming on your laptop, phone, or tablet.

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