As a leading mobile app development studio, we have extensive experience in creating high-performance mobile apps. We focus on developing Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad) apps.

Our developers can create the right app that will meet your business’s needs. We create apps with Flutter™ using the Dart programming language. Flutter™ is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.

The growing list of organizations working with Flutter includes Google, Alibaba Group, Tencent, BMW, Square, CapitalOne, The New York Times, Groupon, eBay, etc.


Why Choose Flutter?

With Flutter, you code once and then deploy on platforms like Android, iOS, the Web, and the Desktop (macOS, Windows, & Linux).

The benefits of using Flutter include cutting costs. You save a lot on hiring separate development teams for each platform.

A business does not need to hire separate teams of engineers for both Android and iOS platforms developing in multiple programming languages like Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, and Swift. Flutter allows you to use one programming language (Dart). Your team codes once and deploy on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, the Web, and the Desktop (macOS, Windows, & Linux).

Other benefits of using Flutter include:

It's free to use and open-source l Faster time-to-market l Code once and deploy on Android, iOS, Desktop, & the Web l Faster apps and native performance I Develop apps for multiple devices: Smartphones, Tablets, Desktop, & IoT devices I Iterate fast and build MVPs or Prototypes

Our Mobile App Development capabilities:

Discovery & User Research I Requirements gathering l UI/UX Audit I Information Architecture I User Flow Design l UI/UX Design I Wireframes I Prototyping I Coding & Development I Continuous integration & DevOps l Quality Assurance & Testing I Maintenance & Support I App Insights & Analytics

Our Development Tools

We use Dart and Flutter™ to create iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop apps from a single codebase.

Flutter is still in its infancy. Some features or native components are still missing. And some apps require native development, for example, high-performance games or 3D applications, Apple TV or Apple Watch apps, etc.

In such cases, we develop mobile apps using native programming languages such as Swift for iOS and Kotlin/Java for Android.


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