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Non-Fiction School

What We’re About.

The Low-down. Non-Fiction School is a digital product college focusing on helping youth and women to learn how to code, become software developers, and pursue a career in tech.

We help students develop a strong background in Computer Science first before they embark on a digital product development journey and building exciting mobile apps, websites, web applications, enterprise software, and other emerging technology innovations.



The Problem

And how we aim to solve it

South Africa has a high level of youth unemployment. Therefore, most young people cannot find decent jobs because they lack the skills which are needed to make South Africa competitive in the global economy.

Non-Fiction School aims to help solve the skills shortage crisis experienced in technology-related careers and contribute towards imparting in-demand software engineering and digital product development skills to historically disadvantaged youths and women aged 18-35.

*We are fighting high levels of youth unemployment.

*Lessening crime levels through skills development and job creation.

*Contributing to the GDP (through digital jobs and the digital economy).

Building Cool Nerds

What do we teach?

Please excuse the jargon. We teach technical skills such as coding, product design, agile project management, and English Communication skills.

Our base curriculum includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, SASS, jQuery, React.js, Python, Django, & SQL.

We will also cover Git and GitHub, Agile Methodology, and a course on English Communication skills.

User Experience (UX)/User Interface (UI) Design course (optional and extra coursework for students with an interest in becoming UX/UI Designers).

Students become employable after graduating. They earn between R23 K and R24 K per month (for recent grads with 0-1 year of experience).

Salary figures quoted from[1]
The Future. Our mid to long-term goal is to train students not only to develop apps for the ever-popular Web and Mobile platforms. But they will also develop Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

We will also allow them to become flexible, innovative, be forward-thinking and develop apps for other devices like the Desktop, Smart TV, Smart Watch, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


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Disclaimer: Non-Fiction School is a registered NPO in the Republic of South Africa with registration number “225-559 NPO”. Non-Fiction School is also registered as a Non-Profit Company with registration number 2019/032621/08 and a private company, Non-Fiction School of Computer Science & Software Engineering (Pty) Ltd.