Non-Fiction Group is a digital product design and software development company in South Africa, specializing in Flutter app development.

We build apps using Flutter, React, & NodeJS. We are your business partners, helping you build apps rapidly, innovate, and launch digital products faster.

Flutter™ is Google’s open-source toolkit for building beautiful and fast apps that target mobile, desktop, web, and embedded devices from a single codebase. Flutter enables developers to create beautiful, fast, and portable apps for any platform: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and the Web.

We apply Design Thinking, agile methodologies like Kanban or Scrum, and modern software engineering approaches to our digital product design and software development processes.

Non-Fiction Group is a brainchild of Andile Zulu. Andile is a tech entrepreneur, coder, and software developer who has many digital product development projects under his belt.

The company's leading team also includes Msizi Mlaba, the Head of Design. And Thabiso Mtshali heads all marketing operations of Non-Fiction Group.

Non-Fiction Group’s team has diverse backgrounds and experience in the digital product design and software development space. We are a passionate team of digital product designers (UI/UX design specialists), software developers, product management, and operations people.

Our core focus is on helping clients in the fintech and financial services industry.

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